About us

“Fondo de Protección Animal de Corregidora” (Corregidora’s Animal Protection Fund) is the alliance we needed to eradicate animal abuse. Here we do not tolerate any kind of contempt towards these vulnerable and voiceless creatures. Now, these animals are protected thanks to Fondo de Protección Animal de Corregidora generating social welfare.

Contact information


Eradicating animal abuse is not an easy task, therefore we constantly encourage people to collaborate in any possible way.

You can easily donate by making a transfer to our bank account specifically created to be transparent.

  • Account number: 0116393063
  • CLABE: 012 6800 01163930631
  • Bank: BBVA
  • Branch office number: 7697
  • Recipient: Fondo de Protección, Aseguramiento de la Sanidad Animal y Otorgamiento de la Garantía del Bienestar Animal del Municipio de Corregidora.
fondo animal corregidora

Any questions?

How can I donate?

At the moment you can only donate via bank transfer or Oxxo, considering the commission charged by the bank.

What are donations used for?

¿What are donations used for?

Yes, we are a transparent organization; so you can anytime ask for a Corregidora bank statement to the council to review all Fund donations.

Can I request a refund?

Can I make recurrent contributions?

It is not possible yet but we are working to provide a convenient, secure, and available payment method.

May I donate a larger amount?

Absolutely! If you want to make a large donation you may contact us directly to guide you through the whole process.