About us

“Fondo de Protección Animal de Corregidora” (Corregidora’s Animal Protection Fund) is the alliance we needed to eradicate animal abuse. Here we do not tolerate any kind of contempt towards these vulnerable and voiceless creatures. Now, these animals are protected thanks to Fondo de Protección Animal de Corregidora generating social welfare.

Contact information

What is Fondo de Protección Animal de Corregidora?

Fondo de Protección Animal de Corregidora aims to help and protect all homeless, abandoned, and/or mistreated animals while raising awareness about respect and care for animals in society.

Where are you located?

What are the requirements to adopt?

All you need is to visit patitasadoptables.com/adoptables. There, you have to fill out a short form with your data and the corresponding association's adoption form will be sent to you and finally pay the recovery fee.

What is the recovery fee and how much does it cost?

It is small economic support for the associations to finance a part of the rescue protocol (in most cases vaccines, sterilization, deworming, aesthetics, and medical treatments). As well as donations, this fee supports them to continue with this noble work of helping and protecting all the homeless animals.

What dogs are up for adoption? How can I adopt?

You can visit www.patitasadoptables.com/adoptables where you can see all the adoptable animals that are waiting to find a home.

Where can my pets be spayed or neutered?

How can I help?

You can help in different ways; volunteering, making in-kind or monetary donations, visiting the dogs at Unidad de Control y Protección Animal (UCPA), being a member of the staff, sharing our publications and your ideas, among others.

Do you accept donations?

Yes, any in-kind or monetary donation is welcome. You can do it by accessing Fondo de Protección Animal de Corregidora's website https://fondoanimal.gob.mx/.