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El Fondo de Protección Animal de Corregidora es la unión que necesitábamos para erradicar el maltrato animal, en donde no se tolere ningún tipo de desprecio hacia estos seres indefensos que no tienen voz; pero ahora con el Fondo de Protección Animal de Corregidora ellos estén protegidos y por supuesto, para generar un bienestar social.

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What do we do?

We constantly gather to visit rescued dogs, spend time with them while we know each other.

Our mission is to eradicate animal abuse in Queretaro State through awareness campaigns and organized events; however, we cannot do it alone. For this reason, we opened the volunteer section to look for people who love puppies and kittens as much as we do.

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Frequent questions

How can I participate?

How often do you do activities?

We and the associations participating with us do volunteer work every two weeks and we frequently do activities with the rescued puppies and kittens.

What activities do you do?

Sharing with animals to make them happy, making donations, cleaning up, organizing events, etc. The aim is to help eradicate animal abuse.

Why volunteer?

Our mission is to eradicate animal abuse, but we cannot do it alone. Therefore, we invite the general public to join us and make a strong team that collaborates to achieve it.

I want to volunteer but I don't have time

You can choose the schedule you want to volunteer, and thus you are free to decide which days you want to participate.

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